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Building slowmoVideo on OSX

Friday, April 4th, 2014

here, I will describe how to build slowmoVideo for OSX from scratch.

you will need of course Xcode and command line tools, with cmake

will need some dependencies :

* glew (glew-1.10.0)

* ffmpeg (ffmpeg-2.2)

* jpeg (jpeg-9a)

* libpng (libpng-1.6.10)

*zlib (zlib-1.2.8)

* yasm (for ffmpeg) (yasm-1.2.0)

* opencv (opencv-2.4.8)

* qt4 (qt 4.8.5)


you will need source code from my own clone git repository :


* you need to specify where to find some libraries for cmake :

export QTDIR=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/qt4

export FFMPEGDIR=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/ffmpeg


* run cmake :

cmake ../slowmoVideo/src -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/Users/val/Applications/slowmoVideo -DQTDIR=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/qt4 -DQT_MAKE_EXECUTABLE=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/qt4/bin/qmake -DOpenCV_DIR=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/opencv/share/OpenCV -DGLEW_INCLUDE_DIR=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/slowlib/include -DGLEW_LIBRAIRIES=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/slowlib/lib/libGLEW.a -DJPEG_INCLUDE_DIR=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/slowlib/include -DJPEG_LIBRARY=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/slowlib/lib/libjpeg.a -DFFMPEG_LIBRARY_DIR=/Users/val/Documents/Sources/ffmpeg/lib -DFFMPEG_INCLUDE_PATHS="/Users/val/Documents/Sources/ffmpeg/include"

check if cmake find all the needed part. in my case some library where not found, so I have to specify them in CMakeCache.txt directly …

they where : glew libraries and libswcale !


* if all is ok you can run make ; make install

you will have some warning during compilation…

* need to update cmake to copy opencv library in working destination

* seem that deployqt4 is not working correctly so execute

~/Documents/Sources/qt4/bin/macdeployqt  ~/Applications/slowmoVideo/ -verbose=2

which will copy/correct all the qt4 stuff in Frameworks directory. also copy/mov the lib directory from MacOS to Framework

execute the fixup script to correct opencv lib path

sh ~/Documents/Sources/slowmoVideo/src/ slowmoUI

you should now have a working GUI application bundle for MacOS