Enfuse Aperture edit plugin

This page is about the enfuseGUI product and it’s associated enfuse edit plugin for Aperture.
They are front-end GUI for Enfuse. Enfuse is a command-line freeware utility.

Enfuse is what is known as ‘exposure blending’ rather than actual HDR - the software will look at the stacked images that you give it and for each area it automatically chooses from the image that appears to have the best exposed pixels for that area. Enfuse then blends the images of all these bits of different images so that it doesn’t look like a jigsaw.

News !! (13/12/2008)
The a new beta version of the plugin is here ! It show a preview of the operations !


New screenshots :

the first view after launching the plugin :

main view

after the preview is generated : (showing thumbnail of result)

showing preview

after the “enfuse” process has been run : (showing full view of result)

showing result

There is also a standalone version, the Beta is out ! Note that it will expire in 30 days ;-)

take a look at the screenshot



and then if you would like to make a try, you can download the binaries.


stay tune, for more informations …

Some enfuse doc : Enfuse